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air pura


air pura

AIR PURA UV + HEPA air purifier
That filters both dust in the air and UV light to kill the virus.

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🚚 Shipping nationwide, do you know? (Shipping cost 205 baht)
🔥 Special for only 5,990 baht (normally 9,000 baht)
🔥 Free !!! 1 HEPA air filter (value 1,100.-)
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🍃 FEATURES AIR PURA UV + HEPA air purifier

📌 Remove dust, PM2.5, cigarette smoke, mold, bacteria, bad smell, musty smell
📌 Contains UV to destroy germs, viruses, allergens (UV opens 5 minutes, closes 1 hour)
4 4 layers filter for fresh air, HEPA + Activated Carbon + Negative ion filter system
📌 Has Anion releasing negative charges Helps to absorb dust so as not to spread in the air.
📌 Suitable for rooms 1-35 square meters
📌 Comes with a remote control and English manual
Touch screen Touch Screen has sleep mode
📌 Low sound, only 35 dB, not disturbing sleep
📌 Real-time display of fresh air values
📌 Beautiful design for the heart
📌 Easy to move, easy to handle
330 Size 330 * 220 * 505 mm.
📌 Weight 6.5 kg.


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